The Transfrontier Geopark of the Carnic Alps

The Carnic Alps safeguard a heritage of outstanding importance: the full, faithful account of geological history of this local area over the past 450 million years. The Transfrontier Geopark of the Carnic Alps, with its itineraries, its pedagogical and informative initiatives, its visitor centres and museums, will enable you to discover a different way of exploring the mountain.

Paying a visit to the Transfrontier Geopark of the Carnic Alps means learning to interpret the local area, understanding its history, brushing aside all the clichés, observing the interaction between geological history and works carried out by human hands… discovering the pleasure of consciously benefitting from all this.


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Visitor Centres and Museums

In the Geopark area you will find different interesting indoor exhibitions concerning geological issues:

Museums and permanent exhibitions, to get to know more about the extraordinary geological and palaeontological heritage of the area.

Visitor Centres devoted to the experimentation and sensoriality, in which it is possible to have in-depth knowledge of some of the topics characterising the local area, that will therefore be able to be observed during the course of guided or independent trips.

Infopoints to orient yourself inside the Geopark area and to discover events in the local area.


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