A geosite is a site of geological interest


It can be any location, area or region for which it is possible to define a geological-geomorphological interest for conservation.


Geosites can be subdivided into:

Punctual Geosites: the outcropping area is less than one hectare
Areal Geosites: the outcropping area is larger than one hectare
Linear Geosites: they develop in length and can be represented by a line
Multiple Geosites: units of different geological significance located in different parts of the same areal geosite, which are the expression of the same scientific interest
Complex Geosites: different geosites within a single geosite

Geosites also differ in terms of interest:

Geosites of international interest
Geosites of national interest
Geosites of regional interest


The Transfrontier Geopark of the Carnic Alps includes 130 geosites!