The Geopark

The Carnic Ridge, a geological treasure

The Carnic Ridge, on both its Italian and Austrian sides, covers an area of immense geological value.

Bearing in mind that in Italy, the only rocks that represent the almost total Palaeozoic succession emerge along the North-East border, or in some of the local fossil sites– the massif of Mount Coglians, the Pian di Lanza, Pramollo/Naßfeld – are among the most important in the world.

A unique geological history

If the Carnic Ridge undoubtedly represents the core area of the Geopark, there are numerous other areas and sites, in the surrounding valleys, that offer the possibility to get to know and admire extraordinary geomorphological, paleontological speleological peculiarities.

The Transfrontier Geopark of the Carnic Alps, that has established a close collaboration between Italian and Austrian institutions, was founded to enhance the value of this heritage and to encourage the circulation of knowledge – and people – between the two sides of the mountain ridge. Therefore, the unity of the geological history of the Carnic Alps that the geopolitical boundaries has divided is focused on.

Geology does not involve the study of man-made boundaries!



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