The Stavoli Lunas Palaeontological Path


This route allows you to learn more about the palaeontology and geology that make the Preone area a site of international interest. It is also equipped with panels that provide information about the geology of the area, the peculiarities of the outcropping rock (the Forni Dolomite), the fossil evidence found here (which includes the most ancient pterosaurs known in the world that are well worth a mention).

Leaving the village of ​​Preone itself and going up the road leading to the valley of the same name, you reach the starting point at a lay-by where you can park.

From here, continue on foot along a loop path, following the signs leading to Stavoli Lunas, making only a small detour along which you can see numerous outcrops of Forni Dolomite. Once you reach the meadows around Stavoli Lunas you can enjoy a panoramic view across the Rio Seazza valley. Continuing the route, you return to the starting point. Some panels along the route also provide information on local flora and fauna.


Min altitude:
Max altitude:
All year in the absence of snow
Recommended equipment:
That used for low altitude hiking

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How to use the map

The interactive altitude map allows you to visualize, on the geographic map, the variation of the altitude of the trail as it develops; drag the map from left to right to see the direction in which the trail must be followed.
It is possible to change the size of the zoom by clicking on the buttons in the top left-hand corner, while the center button allows you to restore the initial settings; finally, you can choose a different map by clicking on the button in the upper right-hand corner.
  1. 1Introduction to the path and the geology of the area

    At the starting-point you will find a panel that describes the route and provides information on the geological characteristics of the area.

  2. 2Outcrop of the Forni Dolomite

    You can reach this geostop by making a detour down to the left at the junction for Stavoli Lunas. Here you can see outcrops of the Forni Dolomite, the rock that dominates a large part of this area. An information panel provides in-depth knowledge of this particular type of rock.

  3. 3The fossils of Preone

    At the end of the detour, you will find an explanatory panel that describes the main fossils found in the Forni Dolomite that outcrops in the Preone area.

  4. 4View across the Rio Seazza valley

    Once you reach the meadows around Stavoli Lunas, a panoramic view opens up towards the narrow river valley excavated by the Rio Seazza, a small tributary of the Tagliamento, where most of the fossils found in the Preone area come from. Moreover, from north to south along the valley, runs the passage between the Main Dolomite, deposited in shallow waters, and the Forni Dolomite deposited in deep waters, both sedimentary rocks from the Upper Triassic which formed simultaneously in different but contiguous environments.