The Geotrac project

The project, funded by the European territorial cooperation programme Interreg V Italy-Austria 2014-2020, foresees the foundation of a transfrontier Geopark with the enhancement of geological heritage and to create sustainable development strategies for the area, reinforcing the awareness of its value, encouraging the balance between growth and a good management of the environment, promoting scientific culture, increasing the tourist offer of the territory involved.

The GeoTrAC project unites institutions that work, for several reasons, throughout the territory of the Carnic Alps, dealing with local administration, geological protection and monitoring, research and the popularisation of science. Within the context of this project, each partner makes its own specific contribution having a common objective in mind: the creation of a cross-border Geopark that can be a reference for all those who are interested in geology, the natural environment, scientific knowledge or simply hiking.

  • What do we want to achieve through GeoTrAC?

The promotion of the acknowledgement of an internationally-famous geological area

The raising of the awareness of the geological and landscape value of the Carnic Alps

The awareness that the value of geological assets must not only be enhanced but also protected

The encouragement of the sustainable and conscious tourism of the Carnic mountain

The promotion of the integration of geological knowledge within the local school and cultural environment

How do we want to achieve this?

By conducting on-site studies and research

By enhancing the value of visitor centres and museums existing within the Geopark area

By organising calendars of events, exhibitions, guided geo-excursions and educational activities

By creating geological itineraries (Geotrails) of also a cross-border nature

By creating multi-media products to encourage fruition of the Geopark proposals

By creating a territorial information system, including digital mapping

Interreg V Italy-Austria 2014-2020 Programme

The Interreg V-A Italy - Austria programme is part of the series of European territorial cooperation programmes for 2014-2020. The programme promotes balanced and sustainable development as well as the harmonious integration in the border area between Italy and Austria. It is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (FESR) and by national public contributions.