Friulan Museum of Natural History


Friulan Museum of Natural History


The Friulan Museum of Natural History preserved important naturalistic collections consisting of over one million finds, a real compendium of the natural history of the Friuli region. The material preserved is subject to continuous study by the Museum operators as well as specialists in the various naturalistic disciplines. In this context, constant collaboration relationships and contacts with scholars, institutions and universities, both in Italy and abroad are maintained, even though its exhibition site is currently closed to the public.

After many years, an exhibition site has been identified, in the former municipal slaughterhouse that will make it possible to resume the educational activities and to organise the fitting out schedule. In this way, the Museum will be able to become a centre of cultural and tourist attraction, but also of science and innovation. In the meantime, in addition to study and research activities, it also organised important temporary exhibitions, it promotes informative events demonstrations, it curates publication of works of a scientific, educational and informative nature.

For many years, the Friulan Museum of Natural History maintains close relations with the other partners of the GeoTrAC project: in fact, it provides a scientific consultancy service to museum institutions owned by the two Territorial Unions, and it continues to conduct specific studies and research with the Geopark Karnische Alpen, the Museum of Natural Science in Bolzano and the Geological Service of the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

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