Since the end of the 19th century, protecting the road and the ancient railway (no more existing), as well as the land of the underlying plain, from the flows of the Rivoli Bianchi was considered of primary importance. The government commission that studied the debris flow (1904) underestimated the power of the debris flows. Geologists were left on the line-slides. In 1905, a powerful storm caused one of the major floods reported up to that time. Geologist Michele Gortani produced one of the most extensive studies on the area, concluding that “we should let the Rio Citate run at will” without channeling it and just preventing its floods from reaching the road of the countryside.
In the Twenties of the 20th century several containing and correction weirs, a detour bank and a barrier weir were created. More recent interventions and corrections have affected the Rio Citate and Rio Cornons’ riverbeds.

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