The Geological Museum of Carnia – Ampezzo


The rocky succession of the Carnic Range bears witness to the geological history of the area with an unparalleled wealth of finds.

At the Geological Museum of Carnia, visitors take a journey through time that lets them follow the evolution of the planet. It starts in the seas of the Ordovician, in the Palaeozoic Era, arriving at the coral reefs of the Devonian. We observe the early plains of the Carboniferous, across which the first amphibians spread out and on, down, to their descendants, the reptiles, including several marine reptiles and the oldest flying reptiles that appeared on Earth. Finally, we come to the event that gave the area the features we observe today: the Alpine Orogeny, or the birth of the Alpine chain.

The layout has been implemented in compliance with the principles of universal accessibility and is equipped with multimedia stations, models and finds that can be touched as well as a Braille path for the blind. Special spaces are dedicated to a play corner, library and temporary exhibitions, which are modified on an annual basis.

The museum also has laboratory activities for schools and entertainment for children.

The exhibition itinerary is also captioned in English and German and there are free audio guides available for guided tours in Italian, English and German.


Tagliamento valley / Tolmezzo basin

Museo Geologico della Carnia
Piazza Zona Libera della Carnia, 5
33021 Ampezzo Italia
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